Ensō – The Space for Creators

Ensō – The Space for Creators

Creating innovations together

Ensō? Ensō is the Japanese word for circle. Ensō is also a Japanese calligraphy symbol depicting the qualities of strength and enlightenment. In Zen Buddhism, an ensō is said to reflect the state of the creator's mind at the moment of creation.

The NTT Group Ensō. “Strength”, “enlightenment”, “creation” – we believe these are the ideal principles for our space. This is a place where people can team up to collectively create something new. The name “Ensō” also alludes to our Japanese heritage, of which we are very proud.

Space for creators? This space provides room for us to explore and create new ideas and solutions, together with our customers and partners. It also gives our staff the opportunity to unleash their creativity and become inventors.

Co-creation: Finding new solutions together – come to our Ensō – The Space for Creators!

Join us in designing solutions for a new tomorrow. Together with you – our customers, partners and universities – we are looking for new approaches. We aim to develop exciting new initiatives and create solid set-ups for initiatives using methods from the areas of strategic foresight and innovation.

Let's get creative. Our Ensō – The Space for Creators provides the ideal environment for developing new solutions together. This means escaping habitual thinking patterns and exploring new methods, e.g. by putting yourself in someone else's shoes. This can also be done digitally and remotely.

Space for innovation

350 square metres for ideas. Ensō – The Space for Creators is located in Munich and is the NTT Group innovation centre for the EMEA region. In our flexible layout, which is comprised of open spaces, break-out rooms, and a small amphitheatre, you can work together with us on new ideas using diverse analogue and digital tools.

Showcases for inspiration. An important source of inspiration in our Ensō – The Space for Creators is provided by the NTT Group technology showcases. Find out more.

Methods for co-creation. Our Ensō – The Space for Creators provides a series of effective methods to help you to go beyond habitual thinking and turn the uncertainties of the future into viable opportunities. All you need to do is bring along your current challenges and an open mind. This is how it works!


Find answers with innovative methods

Actual answers. What is the reason for your project not running smoothly? How can new challenges be best overcome? What will make your kick-off successful? Bring your questions to our Ensō – The Space for Creators! Use our innovative methods to find new answers to the specific challenges faced by your project.

Interactive working methods

Innovative methods for new ideas. Creative work in our Ensō – The Space for Creators involves interactive methods, such as design thinking workshops, brainswarming, the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and prototyping. The aim is to break out of fixed ways of thinking and, for example, by inhabiting other user roles. This can mean, for example, developing an app quickly on paper and seeing the result on your own mobile within 30 minutes.

Examples of our working methods

  • Brainswarming – the creative alternative to brainstorming, in which ideas are not only expressed, but also written down – by the whole group.
  • Design Thinking Workshops – an approach to problem-solving that combines the wishes of the user with functionality and profitability.
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method – real issues are worked out playfully in a moderated process.
  • Rapid Prototyping – sketch an app with pen and paper or design it directly in the prototyping app “Prott”. The sketches are photographed and uploaded into the app. Within a few minutes you can see the result, run through the process and test the user experience.
  • Design Sprints – validate high stake risks by mapping out the challenge, sketching solutions, deciding upon a possible solution as well as prototyping and testing it with a small team in just a few days.

Tangible innovation with NTT Group technology showcases

Our innovations cover all aspects of the “Digital Transformation”. Here are a few examples from our Ensō:

Revolution via unattached 5G campus networks

What possibilities does 5G offering? NTT DATA shows this in its innovation center Ensō – The Space for Creators in Munich. From now on, companies can test 5G networks live, together with experts from NTT DATA, create their own use cases and realize them as proof of concept, for example for an IoT infrastructure. The network is cloud-native, the data is processed in the edge. Such a network is highly available and extremely fast, which allows completely new applications. origin and does not even reach our customers’ infrastructures.

Experience with us, how 5G is working as a campus network and what your digital future looks like. Develop opportunities and new business models together with us.

More information about the topic 5G (YouTube Video)

AI Lab:

We examine your processes, practices, and use cases, and with the help of our data scientists and machine learning experts, determine top candidate points for ‘Innovation Spikes’ where AI can improve your automation and your insights. We then, using cloud-based platforms and agile project philosophies, develop rapid prototypes, demos, and proofs of concept to demonstrate the added function and value, and which can be easily scaled up and deployed to production use cases.

Come to our Enso – The Space for Creators and find out, how you can use AI for your company.

Quantum Computing with Coherent Ising Machines:

Quantum computing systems are beginning to make their way out of the laboratory and into the workplace, and we want to help you be ready for them. Their ability to provide fast and high-quality solutions to many difficult problems is well known. But the language of quantum computing is new and requires translation. We help you to survey your use cases for potential points for early quantum advantages and then to translate those points into native quantum optimization problems. Smaller-scale problems will be ready to be run and demonstrated on platforms such as the Fujitsu Digital Annealer, the D-Wave Superconducting Annealer, and NTT Research’s own Coherent Ising Machine. And you’ll be ready to scale up when the next generation of quantum hardware emerges.

Easily find your way around indoor areas.

Our indoor navigation solution enables precise micro-localisation without GPS or other special indoor navigation equipment. This makes life easier for passengers at airports or visitors to public buildings like shopping malls or museums. This solution can also be applied in the logistics area, e.g. for optimising maintenance and warehouse tasks.

Try out the indoor navigation application at Ensō – The Space for Creators, and be guided through our space.

Innovation Forge

This is how we develop innovation

The innovative solutions and showcases presented in our Ensō – The Space for Creators are results of our global R&D activities:

  • More than 6,000 R&D experts. Over 6,000 people work in the area of Research and Development at NTT.
  • Over 17,000 patents. The NTT Group owns more than 17,000 patents worldwide.
  • Billion-dollar investments in innovation. We invest around 3.6 billion dollars in R&D projects every year. Find attached the latest Foresight Paper from NTT.
  • Joint research in 7 innovation centres. In seven innovation labs around the globe, the NTT Group develops use cases to the point of market-readiness in cooperation with analysts, partners and customers.
  • Cooperation with universities. NTT Group's experts also work with elite universities to develop ideas for the future, for example, in the areas of mobility, IoT and artificial intelligence.

Your benefits

Encounter the digitalisation

Digitalisation is a challenge across all industries.

Firstly, companies need to connect with customers on digital platforms and evolve their products into connected services that customers can use on a pay-as-you go basis when and wherever they want.

Secondly, the digital platforms break-up existing business models as customer relationships and existing value networks of incumbents are under attack by a large number of start-ups and established digital platforms.

To cope with it, companies need to change not only their strategies but also their cultures and act faster. They also need to bring along their most valuable assets like their customer base and their sophisticated products and services in the digital era.

Areas of innovation

At Ensō we are ready to work with you in all kinds of areas of innovation and change:

  • Data & Intelligence. Collecting data and intelligence, evaluating it and re-using it again to predict the future will be necessary to stay on top of your competition.
  • Digital Experience. Let’s focus together on creating the best digital experience for your customers and employees. By using human-centered design, we can build products and services that are personalised, trust-worthy and offer a great experience for each individual user.
  • Internet of things. The first wave of the internet mainly connected people with each other. The next wave of the internet is connecting devices, with new challenges but also possibilities regarding new product capabilities and business models.
  • Information Security. Providing security for your infrastructure, where systems need to evolve from having static security rules to self-learning configurations is necessary to avoid damage, which no longer might just be virtual but also physical.
  • Optimize IT. Your IT infrastructure will be inevitable in a connected world where you might have to handle billions of IoT devices instead of just millions of users.

What you can take away from here

Come to our Ensō – The Space for Creators for:

  • Knowledge transfer Benefit from interactions with our employees, partners and external experts.
  • Learning from other industries. Even if each sector has its own challenges, we know how to look over the edge of the plate.
  • Co-creation. Let us work together on your challenges to find solutions.
  • Validating your concepts. Test your ideas with rapidly developed prototypes.
  • Inspiration. Get new impulses by experiencing showcases and new technologies or by using new interactive methods to get your brain think differently.

Your visit to Ensō – The Space for Creators

Come to our Ensō – The Space for Creators and work with us. Make an appointment with us today.

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